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Monday 29 March 2010

Out Of The Sun

by Robert Goddard

'Out Of The Sun' features the character Harry Barnett who also appeared in Goddard's earlier novel 'Into The Blue'. Harry is older, but by no means wiser in this novel.

The read has all of the usual Robert Goddard trademarks. A pounding plot, a huge cast of increasingly eccentric characters and an international stage. It also has mind boggling detail on the subjects of mathematics, financial forecasting and higher dimensions. It will make your brain hurt.

If you like high-powered stories with plenty of plot and an unusual setting and premise, then this is for you. Ideally you should read 'Into The Blue'first to appreciate the character development of Harry Barnett, but this book does also stand alone. Fans can also now read Harry's third outing - 'Never Go Back'.

The back cover lists a review from The Times saying that this is, ‘Undoubtedly Goddard’s most entertaining book to date’. I’m not sure about this. Yes, it’s gripping, yes it’s a great absorbing read, but at its heart is the story of a father and his tragic relationship with his son. To call it entertainment feels a bit too slight.

If you stick with it through the twists and turns, the emotions and explanations – the end will move you to tears.

Reviewed by Helen M Hunt

1 comment:

Karen said...

I've never read any Robert Goddard, but I think I will after this! I've a friend who raves about him but somehow I've never got around to it.